A FORMER Pembrokeshire resident in Italy has spoke of her experiences living with coronavirus lockdown.

Jodie Singleton, living in Furci, southeast of Rome, with her husband and two young boys, has daughters living in Milford Haven, where she once lived herself.

She posted on the Coronavirus Pembrokeshire Facebook page: “I joined this group by invite as my daughters are in Pembrokeshire. I am in Italy!!

“It's no joke here! lockdown - not permitted to leave the house, only one person from each household allowed to go to shop for food; emergency numbers for those who can't get out (elderly/single parents); everything shut except food shops and pharmacy; only two people permitted in shop at a time, 10 in supermarket, but only with mask and gloves; police road blocks at every town; written permission to leave town from police only if necessary (essential work or to buy something you can't get in your own town) - my husband had to do this for nappies; fines up to 700 euro if caught outside your own town without permission!

“.... and yet ....

“No complaints, no rioting, no panic buying, no uproar.

“They are singing from balconies in towns to show support and solidarity!

"Concern over income lost, of course, but the government is already doing their best - suspending mortgage and bill payments, etc.

“We even had civil protection bring free emergency food supplies of pasta, rice, milk etc to us (from the EU ironically!)

“Honestly - I feel safer here than I would there!

“The Italian government is doing an amazing job.”