THE organisers of the annual Western Telegraph-sponsored Pembrokeshire County Run have cancelled a classic car event due to fears over the coronavirus pandemic.

Sian and Jeffrey Edwards had been due to hold one of Sian's Winter Get Togethers at The Wolfe Inn on Saturday, March 28.

Jeffrey Edwards said: “With the news of the terrible coronavirus changing daily and sadly moving at a very rapid rate, after taking considerable thought into this, in the interests of safety we have sadly decided to cancel Sian's Lunch at The Wolfe Inn for March 28.

“To have a group of around 30-50 of us, most of a similar age together at The Wolfe Inn may have been too risky for you all, along with the kind-hearted and dedicated staff of The Wolfe Inn.

“Sian is now classed as a high risk and yours truly a very high risk and I have been warned that perhaps sooner rather than later I may be told to go into self-isolation for my own safety."

Jeff and Sian have warned that other events, including the annual county run, may be at threat.

“With this terrible situation we are now facing, we feel that Sian and I, along with fellow event organisers may have to make further announcements very soon on further events we have all planned for 2020.

“Rest assured, we will keep you all posted.

“Take very good care of yourselves our dear friends and please stay safe.

“Sian's Winter Get Togethers at The Wolfe Inn will recommence for the 2020/2021 season in October.”