A PEMBROKE Dock woman, currently on holiday in Nerja, Spain has spoken of her experiences as the country enters lockdown over the coronavirus pandemic.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has used a national address to detail the exceptional measures that will be put in place as part of a two-week state of emergency to fight the country’s sharp rise in infections.

Hellana Hetfield told the Western Telegraph about her experiences: “Very scary right now to be honest; everything shut down, beaches, shops, bars, hotels, everything; the police are telling people to leave and return to apartment to self-isolate.

“No-one is allowed out on streets or in public within the last few hours it’s turned mad since the president made his speech at 2.30pm.”

Speaking on March 14, she added: “I had a flight home on the 23rd from Malaga to Bristol, this morning I changed it and fly home Thursday instead; really hope I don’t get stranded here, as my friend was able to get a flight home Monday, I couldn’t get one ‘til Thursday, so it’ll be my first time abroad alone, have to admit I’m a little worried.”

Speaking today, March 15, she said: “Police and army are patrolling towns and telling people to self-isolate; it’s a bit mad, there’s literally no-one around, it’s super quiet. My friend leaves at 5am back to Bristol, I’m then stuck here on my own until Thursday evening, so I’m praying my flight will still go ahead, but most airlines are cancelling flights.”