A defendant called a magistrate a ‘tart’ while expressing his ‘deep dislike’ of the probation service.

Shane Goodridge, formerly of Hakin, now of no fixed abode, appeared from custody at Haverfordwest magistrates court on Tuesday, March 10.

Goodridge, 25, pleaded guilty to assault, insulting a magistrate and breaching a post sentence supervision order.

Goodridge was returned to the cells when he took exception to the probation service being mentioned during the hearing.

He then began shouting and swearing in the dock before addressing the bench, adding: “Do me a favour and blow your place up. Tarts.”

Mike Kelleher, defending, said: “He has a deep, deep, dislike of probation. Every time he is released from prison he is on post-sentence supervision. He breaches that and goes to prison. It is the fifth time maybe. It’s the same thing each time.

“I would say that he has significant mental health issues.”

The chairman of the bench said: “His language was somewhat ripe, and I was called a tart.”

Goodridge apologised for his comments when he returned to the dock after having time to reflect on his behaviour.

The court heard that Goodridge had a history of non-compliance with the probation service, and failed to attend a meeting following his release from prison.

Sian Vaughan, prosecuting, told the court a train conductor was in the process of issuing Goodridge a ticket on August 1, when he was told to ‘stop bothering’ him as he did not have any money.

He then swore at the conductor and said he would ‘knock him out’.

Goodridge tried to get back on the train when police met it at Whitland station and punched the conductor several times, breaking his glasses.

Mr Kelleher said Goodridge was issued with a travel warrant to get home on his release from prison, but left it in a carriage when he changed trains on his way to Haverfordwest.

“He was asked for payment, but having just been released from prison he had no money. There was an argument between himself and the guard.”

Mr Kelleher added: “I think underneath he is not a bad person. But he does fly off the handle as you have seen.”

A victim impact statement read to the court the guard stated the assault left him feeling anxious, stressed, unable to sleep and afraid to return to work.

Magistrates sentenced Goodridge to 12 days in prison, and ordered him to pay £100 compensation and a £122 surcharge.