MILFORD Haven-based Pembrokeshire hardship charity Patch is desperately appealing for food to help those in need.

Tracy Olin from Patch said it is urgently running out food.

“The surplus food has run out - there’s nothing left over.

“We are restricted on what we can buy – we can only buy five tins at a time.

“It’s always the vulnerable that get hit the worst at times like this.”

Posting on Facebook today, March 18, Patch said: “As a temporary measure we have closed our clothing and household banks and our hairdresser, to enable us to concentrate on food, toiletries, cleaning products Animal food (supported by Greenacres Rescue) and our baby bank.

“Please do not send in clothing or household items until further notice

“We are desperate for food. Our Asda food order has gone down to half of what we ordered. Please donate a tin or two if you can. Our drop-off places are on our pinned post. Keep our most vulnerable safe.”

A list of drop-off points can be found in the About section of Patch’s Facebook page. -