The request for changes to an environmental permit at a waste site in Pembroke Dock has been granted by Natural Resources Wales.

NRW said they have assessed Pembrokeshire County Council’s plans to expand their waste operation at Unit 41 and is satisfied it has demonstrated it can make the changes without impacting on the community or harming the environment.

NRW carried out an extensive technical assessment and two public consultations with local people, businesses and professional partners such as Public Health Wales and Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

The council's waste site is separate from the change being asked for the Port of Milford Haven at another site in the area.

The second consultation closed on March 18 and gave people the opportunity to raise any new, relevant information that they felt had not currently been considered.

The changes to the permit include an extension to the area of land in which they store waste, and the addition of new types of waste, including paper, cardboard, metal and glass. It also reduces the processing of waste to baling only.

Gavin Bown, Operations Manager from Natural Resources Wales, said: “We have completed our assessment of Pembrokeshire County Council’s application to vary their environmental permit, and fully considered all the responses submitted as part of both consultations.

“Since Pembrokeshire County Council took over the site in 2018 there have been huge improvements to the way waste has been managed. This permit change will allow them to simplify their operation by processing less on site, as it is now being sorted by residents prior to street collection.

“We are satisfied they can do this without harming the environment or people’s health.

“They have been informed of our decision and the permit has been officially granted.

“We will continue to monitor the site to ensure the site is being used within the conditions of the permit change.”

A copy of the permit, and NRW’s decision document outlining how it assessed the application is now available to view on the online public register.