CRIMINAL behaviour in Milford Haven has gone up in the month of February.

Overall, there were 173 crimes recorded, up 21 from January, with the most crimes recorded (51) coming in and around the centre of Milford Haven.

There were less anti-social crimes, but criminal damage and arsons went up by three to 21.

Several thefts and public order offences were also recorded while there was a sharp rise in the number of violent and sexual offences.

There were 77 such crimes recorded in February, up 25 from January.

Crime in the areas surrounding Milford Haven remained the same from January to February.

35 crimes were recorded for the second month running but there has been a rise in the number of anti-social behaviour crimes.

Ten crimes of such nature were recorded last month compared to just three the month before.

There was also a rise in drugs and vehicle crime while 12 violence and sexual offences crimes were recorded.

The majority of crimes happened in and around the Neyland area.