A MILFORD Haven man, trapped in the Indian resort of Goa, facing a desperate plight in a climate of threats of violence, has been safely airlifted to Sweden.

The entire Indian subcontinent has been in lockdown since an announcement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 23, leaving people like Barry Jon in a precarious position where they feared for their safety.

Seasoned traveller Barry, who has been wintering in Keri, Goa since January 17, launched an impassioned plea for help for him and other Brits to get back home late last month, describing situations of people being ‘bamboo massaged’ [hit with sticks] as they went to try and collect food.

He posted on Facebook: “Please help get our people home. This is a war zone now. No food and very tense situations. People are being beaten. There are children here. Stay safe out there.”

Speaking to the Western Telegraph, Barry stressed his love of the Goanese people: “It’s a great place, an amazing place, and great people.

“There’s violence, naturally these are local people here who are very concerned [about the spread of coronavirus], and they see us as what’s disturbing their peace; there’s a lot of hostility, it’s natural because they want to get their place back to normal.

“Now the threat, and the lockdown, is making it very hard for them, and extremely hard for us; I’m totally isolated now.

“I have food for now, more than that I can’t tell you.”

He added: “There are many other people out there, but they are not anywhere near where I am.

“I haven’t seen the violence myself but I’m afraid to go out, I’m a foreigner now; that kind of stuff you can’t predict.

“I don’t think just about me, this is about a lot of people, I’m just a part of it; it’s huge. There’s a lot of people that are freaked out, there’s a lot of British people and they are freaked; there’s a lot of real good people here, a lot of elderly British and retired.”

Since Barry launched his desperate plea last weekend, a mercy mission by the Swedish embassy saw him airlifted to the relative safety of Sweden.

Barry is currently in isolation in Sweden, but is safe and well.

He told the Western Telegraph: “Now I am in isolation here. There came an opportunity and I tried it… and it got me hear. Please tell everyone that I am safe. I have no money, but I am safe. And I wish to thank everyone who reached out and sent me texts…it was so much love I was overwhelmed.”

Sara Comery, one of Barry’s many friends desperate to help him leave Goa, said: “Barry’s out of India; Swedish embassy sorted him, five hours to get to a plane, been a bit crazy but he’s video called he’s safe.

“So happy, so nice to see him looking like Barry again, with that big smile.”