A CAR driver from Essex was stopped near Tenby after a journey of nearly 300 miles to see the seaside town, despite lockdown rules on travel remaining in force in Wales.

The man, stopped on the A477 near Stepaside, had earlier popped in to Cardiff to pick up his girlfriend, before driving west.

Milford Mercury:

Last night, May 18, Pembrokeshire Roads Policing Unit, posted details of routine lockdown patrols: “Numerous vehicles, both from within and outside of the force area, have been stop checked throughout this evening. In general the roads are quiet and those spoken to have had valid reasons behind their travel..

“In Wales, the rules around travel remain the same. For now, you must avoid all non-essential travel and stay local. By following this advice, you’re stopping the spread of coronavirus and saving lives.

“We have, however, stop-checked a vehicle from Essex, heading east on the A477 at Stepaside.

“The driver stated he’d picked his girlfriend up in Cardiff earlier, before carrying on west to show her Tenby. Both persons have been reported for non-essential travel.

“The driver has also been reported for driving with an expired MOT (expired in February), the vehicle has been escorted out of Pembrokeshire. Our thanks to those of you who continue to adhere to the Welsh Government advice.”