A MILFORD Haven councillor has expressed his “distaste” in the delay in making a decision on plans for a marina hotel.

Cllr Stephen Joseph said on Tuesday (June 2) that the urgency in making a decision on the reserved matters application from the Port of Milford Haven for its 100-bedrom hotel had been “hammered home” after the March planning committee meeting.

“I was berated quite openly over asking for a site visit at the time and it was hammered home to me afterwards that this was dealt with expediently,” said Cllr Joseph, adding that risk to funding was cited.

“I find it shocking that the director hasn’t dealt with this and it’s still lingering,” he added.

The committee were told that a response from Natural Resources Wales had been received in early May which highlighted the need for further lighting information which was being awaited.

Cllr Joseph said that after the site visit was cancelled by the urgency committee, following lockdown, to allow a speedy decision he wanted to “register my distaste at the length of time this has gone on".

He and committee chairman Cllr Jacob Williams felt the application could have been brought back to the meeting on June 2.

This was echoed by Cllr Michael Williams, who said there was a need for greater “democratic accountability.”

Cllr Williams reiterated his dislike of the plan’s aesthetics and its “impact on an iconic site in Milford Haven,” he also added that the “urgency expressed at the time doesn’t really appear to be as important".

He asked that it be brought back to committee for “democratic accountability” having taken so long under delegated powers.