A HAZELBEACH dog owner is warning other owners to take care after two dogs showed symptoms of poisoning following a walk on the beach area this morning, June 28.

Hester Walker, the owner of Jess, the chocolate Labrador, had warned on social media: “Please be warned two dogs have picked up poison from Hazelbeach this morning and both requiring veterinary care.”

Speaking to the Western Telegraph, Hester said: “Both dogs were separately taken for a morning walk across the foreshore in front of Hazelbeach boating club, and within one hour of returning they were panting, shaking and seemed to be hallucinating with loss of control in movement.

“Poisoning is suspected, probably from ingesting something. Notices were placed at beach notifying other dog walkers. The dogs are still under care of their vets receiving treatment.

“One is mine, a rescue choc lab, approximately 12 years old, and a neighbour’s cockapoo aged two years old, approximately.

“Jess has been sedated and flushing whatever it was through with fluids, reassessing in a couple of hours. Lola also sedated, her temperature is coming down and they seem happier with her. Both had very high heart rates, hence restlessness, they appeared to be hallucinating and suffering severe shaking.”

The cause of the symptoms of poisoning is not yet known.