PEMBROKESHIRE County Council’s Leader, Councillor David Simpson, has said he is delighted to see schools returning and praised the ‘mammoth task’ by all involved in making it possible.

In his latest statement issued today (June 29), Cllr Simpson said: “Today marks the restart of school term.

“As I sit here, writing this message. I’m delighted to say that our schools are back up and running. This has been a mammoth task by all involved to get the doors unlocked and once again getting our children back into the classroom.

“The youth of today should be very grateful to everyone that has supported them - and will continue to do so - through their learning years.

“We closed schools back in March but we never stopped the teaching, or offering support. A huge thank you then to everyone involved especially for the way we delivered home learning.

“Every day we are seeing changes as we continue to rebuild our county and re-open services as confidence grows.

“As residents of Pembrokeshire, we need to be mindful that currently local travel restrictions apply. However, the time will come when Welsh Government will review and relax those restrictions.

“Once the restrictions are relaxed, we can expect visitors to revisit our county. I want to assure everyone that we are planning for the return of visitors in a safe manner by ensuring items such as toilets and car parks will be fully open.

“We will continue to follow the Covid-19 guidance and change our procedure when the time is right.

“My next update will be on Wednesday.

“Remember: ‘Stay Local. Stay Safe.”