PEMBROKESHIRE County Council’s Leader, Councillor David Simpson, has reminded people to follow the rules after a minority of people decided to ignore them.

In his latest update, issued on Tuesday (July 14), the Leader also said he was ‘very proud’ of Team Pembrokeshire and added that everyone should support each other.

Cllr Simpson said: ‘This week we are starting to see changes in our communities following the announcements from Welsh Government last Friday.

‘Cafes, restaurants and bars can now re-open albeit outdoor areas only. This is a phased approach to the re-opening of our hospitality sector.

‘I am very aware that re-opening of different sectors within our communities will require detailed planning. There is also a need for everyone to support each other and be very mindful of how we unlock services.

‘This is not the green light and throw the Covid-19 rulebook out of the window moment. Everyone still has to support each other, support our communities and ensure we behave sensibly.

‘Unfortunately, I have been informed that a minority of people decided to ignore the advice given which has resulted in negative feedback. Please can everyone remain on the road to recovery and consider “doing the right thing and not ignoring the advice.”

‘Over the last few months I have been very proud of Team Pembrokeshire – so please everyone keep working together.

‘I’m pleased to announce that this week we have redeployed staff from our leisure centres to become “visitor welcome guides.” You will see them out and about, ready to answer questions with a smile and offer advice on where to go.

‘The visitor guides are part of our strategic approach to managing our summer season.

‘As well as the guides, we have set up an operations room in County Hall to monitor issues such as parking, beaches, traffic flows and toilets.

‘We are ensuring that we are proactive and can deal with issues as they arise in order to support our communities and visitors.

‘So please everyone keep on the road to recovery, continue supporting each other and please ensure you consider what footprint you leave behind when you travel. Do not impact negatively on our beautiful county.

‘Remember, please travel safely.’