Streaming giant Netflix have launched a new feature to help indecisive viewers pick what they want to watch.

Here’s what you can expect.

How the shuffle button works

Users have been calling for Netflix to implement a shuffle feature for years, and it seems that the streaming company is actually listening.

Some subscription holders have reported seeing a ‘play something’ button on their side menu which would take them to a random film.

Previous reports have also said that it was available for episodes of television as well.

After Netflix watchers selected a series, they would then be taken to another menu where a ‘Play Random Episode’ button would be available.

When will I get it?

It appears that Netflix is rolling out this new feature slowly, with the new button currently only available for select users.

Netflix says that it is gathering feedback on the feature and from there the streaming giant will decide whether to roll it out to more users. Judging by the online reaction to the shuffle option, it appears that feedback is going well.

Feature dubbed as ‘a game changer’

For those who have been granted early access for the new feature, the response online has been huge.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the shuffle button.

One person wrote: “Lol Netflix now has a “shuffle” button. This is something I needed that I didn’t even know I needed.”

“@Netflix having a shuffle button is officially the reason I will not be productive the rest of this quarantine and I love it,” tweeted another.

Another person tweeted: “This shuffle play button on Netflix is a game changer ya know.”

Another new feature launched on Netflix

Netflix customers can now remove a film or series from their ‘Continue Watching’ row - perfect for anyone who is sick of seeing shows they’ve long since abandoned constantly pop up on their screen.

The streaming giant tweeted: “PSA: You can now remove a film or series from the Continue Watching row.

“On your mobile device, simply click the three dots below the title and select Remove From Row.”