Valero has said it is taking appropriate measures, after rumours of a covid case at the refinery.

The Western Telegraph understands that around 15 workers were sent home after a contractor tested positive for the coronavirus.

A spokesperson for the Valero refinery did not deny the coronavirus case but said the company holds the health of its "employees and the wider community as its highest priority."

The spokesman for Valero said: "Valero strongly believes in maintaining the privacy of our employees and contractors, particularly their health information.

"As such, we will not publicise individual cases of COVID-19.

"Our pandemic response in the case of a positive test, however, include compliance and cooperation with Government and medical guidelines, social distancing, deep cleaning or sterilization of affected areas, communicating with employees’ in “close contact” with the affected employees followed by implementation of appropriate quarantines, communication with our employees at the site, and, most importantly support of all affected employees.

"All facilities on the Milford Haven Waterway are taking similar precautions.

"Valero holds the health and safety of its employees and the wider community as its highest priority."