VISITORS to Milford Haven Marina are being asked not to park outside the museum following a number of parking problems.

Demolition work on the old Burnyeats building has started which means that parking has been restricted in the area.

Members of staff at the Museum are also hard at work inside as they look to renovate and brighten up some of the exhibits.

This has meant that the area around the museum has become congested with some people parking up against a fire door.

This is the only access to the museum and access is required seven days a week.

However, the museum posted on their Facebook page: “Despite this people are frequently parking directly up to this door which is, at the least thoughtless.

“On one occasion a member of museum staff was almost unable to get out of the building as the door could only be opened a few inches, this is clearly unacceptable.

“Also, various large /heavy items are having to be moved into/out of the building through that door during the renovations, which is impossible when cars are parked so close.

“Whilst every care will always be taken by museum staff when accessing the door please be advised that you park in that area at your own risk.”

Free parking is available under the bridge and at the Mackerel Quay.

Once the work on the museum is finished, it is understood that the areas in front of all the fire doors will be marked as a designated ‘no parking area’.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the museum has not been able to open this year