TWO chat benches have been installed in Milford Haven.

One bench has been put up outside the Hubberston and Hakin Community Centre and another has been put up in Steynton.

Hubberston and Hakin Community Centre has also installed a memorial bench following a donation from the community.

The idea came from Milford Haven School who have donated the benches to be put up all around the community.

Chat benches are an initiative to help combat loneliness and isolation in communities.

The idea behind it is that anyone that sits on the bench is happy to chat and it creates an opportunity for a conversation to start between strangers who find themselves sharing a common place.

Milford Haven Town Council were asked for ideas of where the bench could go.

The Town Council said they were chuffed to see a bench placed in Steynton, and Mrs Galliford has said: “Speaking as a resident of Steynton myself, I am delighted to see this bench here, and know that it will be hugely appreciated by our community.”