To celebrate World Mental Health day today, October 10, we are sharing tips, information and advice from mental health charity Mind on how to look after your mental health.

The final technique recommended on the Mind website is to try and get enough sleep. The techniques the charity recommends are listed below:

Establish a routine

Try and establish a routine around bedtime, to help set a regular sleeping pattern.

Avoid screens

Give yourself some tech-free time before sleep and avoid bright screens that can affect your sleep.

Try to wind down before bed

Do a relaxing activity, like having a bath, or try a relaxation exercise before you go to sleep. It may also help to avoid having caffeine before your bedtime, as this can keep you awake.

Try to make your sleeping environment comfortable

A comfortable sleeping environment can help improve your sleep. Small changes can help. For example, you might sleep better with a low light on, or with different bedding.

If you're staying in hospital, having your own items can help make things feel more comfortable and personal. For example, you could ask to use your own pillow or blanket.

If you're living in a hostel or supported accommodation, the Groundswell website has some ideas for improving your sleep.

See Mind’s pages on sleep problems for more information, including more tips to improve your sleep.

"I also read if I can't sleep... as well as drinking herbal tea, it helps me relax and fall asleep faster. If this doesn’t help, I focus on my breathing and try and empty my brain."