MATHS students at Milford Haven School have been looking to ace a new 'Numeracy Ninjas' test.

All pupils in years 7 and 8 have been taking part in a five-minute test to complete 30 questions based on what has been covered in their lessons.

The children will take part in the exercise every week and it goes back to traditional methods of allowing pupils to practise their basic arithmetic regularly, such as their times tables and basic mental maths strategies.

Time has now been allocated every week to allow pupils to practise these skills with a fun and competitive twist.

Unfortunately some KS3 students have gaps in their mental calculation strategies and their times tables recall, which can become barriers to their learning.

The weekly ‘Numeracy Ninja’ sessions help to give pupils fluency-building, practise opportunities in their lessons, to improve their overall confidence and application of the knowledge they are acquiring.

The pupils taking part in ‘Numeracy Ninjas’ are competing against themselves each week, trying to better their score and achieving ‘Ninja belts’ along the way- with the aim to become a ‘GrandMaster’.

Each class has weekly ‘Class Masters’ and as this evolves, the school aims to have year group competitions in the summer term.

In every ‘Numeracy Ninja’ session any questions that pupils did not get correct or understand, the teacher will go over at the end.

A school spokesperson said that they could already see the ‘positive impact’ ‘Numeracy Ninjas’ is having.

Year 7 pupil Skye Stannett said: “The best thing about numeracy ninjas is that it helps us learn thing we've never done before and if we get things wrong we can learn from our mistakes.”

Megan Lees from Year 8 added: “The best thing about numeracy ninjas is that you can track your progress throughout the weekly sessions and see what areas of maths you need to work on.”