A PEMBROKE Dock man is elated at the news that he will finally be allowed to return home after eight weeks stuck in coronavirus isolation in Italy.

Rhys James went out to northern Italy to teach English at the beginning of the summer.

After his teaching stint was over the 23-year-old went travelling around Italy with new friends, Will Castle, 22, and Quinn Paczesny, 20.

The trio became unwell in Venice and isolated themselves before heading to Florence where they got tested.

All three tested positive for coronavirus on August 17 and since then have been kept in isolation in Florence. Not even being allowed to see each other.

They were put up in a hotel, converted into an isolation facility and food was delivered to them three times a day in plastic tubs.

"We want to go home," said Rhys earlier this month, "We've had no symptoms for two months now.

"Our mental health is not good. We want to see our families and friends. We can't even have a walk outside nor leave our rooms."

They men tested for coronavirus each Monday and had to return two consecutive negative tests, or a double negative, before being allowed to return home.

A week ago last Monday Rhys returned a negative test, however a test the following Friday came back positive, meaning his hopes were dashed once again.

Rhys' friend Will had his second negative test on Monday and was allowed to return. However, Quinn and Rhys returned a positive test and were told they would have to stay, despite being symptom free.

However, today (Friday) the Italian Government changed the law, stating after 21 days of isolation and one negative test, you can leave the country.

Rhys said he was ecstatic, that he couldn't wait to see the sea again and was hoping his mum would cook a 'cheeky Christmas roast' on Sunday.

"Tomorrow we'll be flying home to finally reunite with our family and friends," he said.

"Thankful for all your gifts, support, messages and prayers. We are ecstatic to leave the facility and finally see everyone again."