PEMBROKESHIRE County Council’s Leader, Councillor David Simpson, has called on everyone to work together to ensure people will observe the lockdown.

The leader added that officers will be out to ensure that people and businesses are adhering to the guidance.

He also said that everyone is still ‘at risk’ of catching the virus.

Cllr Simpson said: “We want everyone to work together to ensure we are all observing with lockdown. I can confirm that officers will be out on the ground to ensure people and business are adhering to the guidance. We will be engaging, explaining and encouraging people to comply and, if we have issues, we will enforce.

“I’m very aware that people in Pembrokeshire keep saying we are safe here and away from the pandemic. However, the number of cases in Pembrokeshire is rising. Covid-19 does not have boundaries or rules – we are all potentially at risk of catching this virus.

“I want to emphasise that this week the Pembrokeshire numbers of positive coronavirus tests have risen to over 50 people per 100,000 – the rate at which local lockdown measures would have been considered by the Welsh Government.

“On Thursday, October 22, for example, 18 new positive cases were recorded in our county.

“It is very simple – we all need to act now and pull together in one direction. We have to stop this virus spreading. It is impacting on lives, key services, economy, health provision and our general way of day-to-day living. Acting now can protect Pembrokeshire.

“As the local authority, we are closing many services from this evening in line with Welsh Government advice. Primary services closing include:

• Waste and Recycling Centres

• Leisure Centres

• Libraries.

“I want to thank all the Council officers who continue to work hard to protect our services. Although in the past few days they have been working on shutting-down services, they will already be planning their re-opening.

“I suppose some people may read my updates and say “well I’ll just carry on as normal” or “this doesn’t affect me” but it is so wrong to think that way.

“Everyone - yes every individual - has a crucial role to play. Why be selfish? Why go against the advice? Why risk lives? Please I urge you all to take note of the guidance and pull together. Come on Team Pembrokeshire, together we are stronger.

“I do find it hard to believe that I have been issuing these updates since March. Since then our lives have become engulfed by the pandemic – the invisible and feared coronavirus that has affected us all.

“Everyone’s lives have changed, and we all need to keep adopting to the changes.

“I know when I sit at home to reflect on what is happening, I feel very grateful for the support I have from colleagues, friends and the huge support that my family give me.

“We all need support, someone to share our worries with. I know without my family, the days would be much harder.

“So, I’m asking again for your support, to support each other. Ensure you keep motivated during this difficult period in our lives and keep the pandemic away from your door.”