A 63-year-old disabled woman from Pembroke Dock has been left reeling after receiving a spate of indecent phone calls.

Her ordeal began when she received an obviously fraudulent call from scammers purporting to be from Microsoft.

When Evelyn Orr challenged the caller and disconnected the call she thought that would be the end of it.

But it was just the beginning. In the hours that followed she was subjected to abusive and offensive calls and voice messages from several different numbers, all - Evelyn believes - originating in the Republic of Ireland.

"It was disgusting", said Evelyn. "I am a 63-year-old disabled lady. I am so glad my son was at home with me to calm me down, as I was distraught."

"I have reported the incident to the police and to my phone company - but I just want to warn other people about this disgusting scam."

If anyone receives scam calls they should also report them to their phone company and https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/

Offensive or abusive phone calls are illegal and should be reported to the police on 101.