DAFFODILS are already starting to bloom across Pembrokeshire.

Blas y Tir vegetable and flower producers have showcased photos of their first commercial daffodils opening just before we rang in 2021.

The company's daffodil pickers finished 2020 by picking the first bunches.

"On the last day of 2020, how wonderful to see our first daffodils in bloom and being hand picked by our team ," said a spokesperson for the company.

"We're sure we're not alone when we say this year has taught us to appreciate the simple things in life, and seeing our daffodils blooming at sunrise this morning gave us all a little bit of hope for a better 2021."

Other non-commercial buds have started to unfurl, with one reader reporting spotting cheery yellow petals in St Mary's churchyard, Fishguard.

Have your daffodils started to bloom yet? We would love to see pictures of them and to know when they started to blossom.

Add them in the comments below.