A CAT who went missing in Haverfordwest more than four years ago has been reunited with his delighted owners.

Adrienne Higgins found her lost black and white cat Patch while scrolling through Facebook. The missing moggy had strolled out the door more than four years earlier and Adrienne and her family had resigned themselves to the fact that they would never see him again.

In fact they had moved from Pembrokeshire and were living hundreds of miles away in Wiltshire when Patch was handed in as a stray to Greenacres Animal Rescue Centre.

"We moved from Oxfordshire to Haverfordwest in August 2016," explained Adrienne.

"Both Patch and our other cat, Lucky escaped when the kids opened the door to play in garden."

A few days later Lucky turned up at the back door but there was no sign of Patch. Adrienne put up 'missing cat' posts on social media and asked around local vets but to no avail.

As the years progressed Adrienne kept asking if anyone had seen Patch and scoured social media for posts about missing black and white cats, joining several lost pet sites and groups. but had no joy.

When the family moved to Wiltshire they had given up hope of ever finding him.

"We just hoped he had found another nice family and not the worst had happened," said Adrienne. "But we were pretty convinced we wouldn't ever see him again."

That was until just before the most recent lockdown, when Adrienne stumbled across a Facebook post from Greenacres.

"I was just scrolling through my Facebook feed and there he was," said Adrienne. "I was pretty sure it was him so contacted Greenacres.

"Luckily I still had his booklet from the vets with his chip number and sent to them to help identify if it was him or not."

After a sleepless night Adrienne got a call confirming that the stray handed into Greenacres was her beloved Patch.

"He had been brought in after staying with an older lady for the past six months," she said. "We have no idea where he was before that."

Adrienne hotfooted it to Pembrokeshire for an emotional reunion with Patch.

She to the vets to get him checked over and apart from a few fleas and some fur loss from over grooming, possibly from stress/ anxiety, Patch was in good shape.

"He has fitted right back in," said Adrienne. "On our way back from Wales my husband called, his voice came through our car speakers.

"As soon as Patch heard his voice he started meowing like mad. It was like he recognised the sound.

"He recognised our dog Lilly and the other two cats we had when he went. He just wasn't too keen on the puppy we got last year but they become more relaxed around each other and Patch has found his spot on the sofa.

"You would never think he had been gone for four years looking at him now."