MILFORD Haven Sea Cadet’s Lloyd Jones has been promoted to Sub Lieutenant (SCC) after he completed the Officer Development Programme.

As the Petty Officer, Lloyd had undertaken the first phase of the programme in February 2020 but everything was put on hold when the pandemic hit.

The second phase has since been modified to a virtual assessment, adding pressure to the candidates.

The ODP covers uniform standards, ceremonial, delivering a presentation, conflict management, leadership activities, current affairs, working within a team, an interview, formal letter writing and Sea Cadet knowledge.

The board was overseen by Commander Nigel Morton Royal Navy and a team of Senior Sea Cadet Officers.

As part of the second phase, Lloyd had to lead a task, deliver a presentation, undertake an interview through a computer screen.

It has been six years since an officer from Milford Haven last achieved a promotion to the Officer Cadre and Commanding Officer William Elliot praised Lloyd’s efforts.

Lieutenant (SCC) William Elliott RNR, the Commanding Officer comments: “I am extremely proud of the hard work, resilience and determination that the now Sub Lieutenant (SCC) Lloyd Jones RNR has showed throughout the process, without adding the burden and changes of doing it through virtual methods.

“This is a great testament to the dedication of our volunteers at Milford Haven. Congratulations.”

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