An organisation working with homeless people in Pembrokeshire is making sure that special Pod accommodation is properly tested out - with Pembrokeshire Care Society's joint advice and bond co-ordinator Jonathan Clarke spending tonight sleeping out in one of them.

The society works alongside Pembrokeshire County Council and Church in Nantucket, based in in Milford Haven, and it is Church in Nantucket that has created the Pods to provide short-term support for people in crisis and those living on the streets.

"The Pods are not seen as a long-term option - hence the short stay, but they do give shelter, warmth and a bit of stability, which is something our clients are crying out for while they seek the help they need to address their situation," said Jonathan.

"The Pods have enough room for a single bed, shower, electricity and most importantly provide shelter from the elements.

It was during a discussion about how soon the pods could be made available that Jonathan innocently asked has anyone trialled them.

"Before I had finished my sentence it was decided it would be good to have a practice run."

"So tonight, (Thursday, January 14) I venture to Milford Haven to spend the night in one of these fantastic structures. We hope to be able to provide everything our service-users need at this time, so my personal experience will be useful when discussing this option for any potential clients.

"I have my sleeping bag, towel, clean pants and the food that we would provide in our emergency packs - Pot Noodle, chocolate, biscuits, porridge for the morning and most importantly the key ingredients for a good old cup of tea."

"I will share my experience with you all on my return, pictures and updates for our website too."

And the Pods have also been given the thumbs up by Preseli Pembrokeshire MP Stephen Crabb, who visited the project this week.