Local nostalgia is set to be recreated into a theatre piece in Milford Haven.

The project, appropriately named The Memory Box, is looking for local people with authentic and fun stories about their community to come forward and tell the Torch Youth Theatre about them. The Torch Youth Theatre will then recycle these stories into new and inventive pieces of art.

The Torch Theatre’s education and youth officer Chloe Wheeler has made it clear that she wants a range of age groups and people to provide stories for this project, even those who have left the town but have fond memories of when they were there.

Without the support of the community, says Chloe, we are very aware that this project could not happen. Local people voted for the Milford Haven Memory Box Project to be a part of the Milford Haven Working Together Fund, which granted the means to see this vision come to life.

If you do have a story you would like to relay to the Torch Youth Theatre, then contact Chloe via email at education@torchtheatre.co.uk or call 07841 830346.