Aldi has once again been named the cheapest supermarket in the UK but have had to share their crown with budget supermarket rival Lidl.

Consumer comparison site, Which? Compared 19 ever day items sold my all major UK supermarkets throughout January, comparing food, drink and household products.

Aldi and Lidl came out on top and were found to be joint-cheapest, at £18.45 while Waitrose was found to be the most expensive place to shop with equivalent items costing £24.79.

Milford Mercury: Aldi and Lidl share the crown for the UK's cheapest supermarket. (Which?Aldi and Lidl share the crown for the UK's cheapest supermarket. (Which?

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi, said: “We are delighted that yet again Which? has named Aldi as the UK’s cheapest supermarket. We are proud to be helping families throughout the UK by consistently providing the cheapest possible prices across our entire range of products.”

What about the non-discount supermarkets? 

The top four UK supermarkets, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons were also included in the survey alongside Ocado.

Which? also compared bigger supermarkets and compared shopping totals based on a fuller trolley consisting of 87 items.

These items included the original list of 19 items and a greater selection of brand products including Branston baked beans and Andrex toilet roll.

With Aldi and Lidl were not included in this comparison as it is typically more difficult to find branded products in store.

In their absence, Asda came out on top for the month with a price of £160.08 for the trolley of groceries, £9 cheaper than their nearest rival, Sainsbury’s.

Milford Mercury: Asda was the cheapest on a comparison of 87 items. (Which?)Asda was the cheapest on a comparison of 87 items. (Which?)

This means, according to Which?, Asda have been the cheapest mainstream supermarket for over a year after coming out on top in last year’s comparison.

Sainsbury’s were the second cheapest with a price of £169.40 while Morrisons (£171.99) and Tesco (£176.47) followed.

Ocado was the most expensive of the bunch in January, costing a hefty £22.19 more than Asda for the same items at £182.27. High-end Waitrose was also a pricey prospect at £181.66 on average.