SCHOOLS in Pembrokeshire are planning for the phased reopening of on-site provision for Foundation Phase pupils in the week after half term, beginning February 22.

Schools are currently revising their risk assessments following the release of Welsh Government revised operational guidance, which includes new detail on wearing of face coverings by staff; reviewing risk assessments; the availability of twice weekly testing for staff in schools; advice for those who are extremely clinically vulnerable and free school meals.

On Monday, February 22, all schools will take part in a planning day for the return. The provision for key worker and vulnerable children will continue that day.

From Tuesday, February 23, schools will begin a phased return for learners in the Foundation Phase.

This return is being locally determined by clusters of schools to enable them to ensure that the return to school is as safe as possible for learners.

Further detail for each school can be found on school websites and social media platforms.

The return to schools will be phased so that each group of learners is familiarised with the range of measures to keep them safe; in the first week of the return to school numbers on school sites will be lower.

Distance learning for Foundation Phase learners will finish in this week to enable school staff to spend quality face to face time with learners returning to schools.

During the first week of the return schools will be monitoring and evaluating their procedures.

There will also be monitoring to see if there is any increased transmission of the virus resulting from the return to school sites.

School staff will have lateral flow device coronavirus tests on a twice weekly basis.

This means that there may be instances where the return to full capacity may be halted or slowed to ensure that all mitigation measures are working.

Parents and carers are asked to maintain social distancing on school sites wherever possible; wear face coverings on all school sites; ensure that learners are not mixing outside their designated school bubbles and continue to follow the Welsh Government guidance at alert level four which means staying at home unless it is essential to go out.

Learners who are extremely clinically vulnerable should remain at home in line with current guidance which remains in place until March 31, 2021.

Schools are preparing for a full return of all Foundation Phase learners on March 1.