The Welsh Government is offering free courses to support people at risk of unemployment - targeting adults over 19 that are earning less than £26,000, and are either being furloughed or are on a zero hours contract.

These courses held at Pembrokeshire College and aim to create opportunities for people to retrain in finance, IT, engineering and other sectors. The only thing the candidates need do to be eligible for this course is set up a Personal Learning Account.

Thousands of people can apply for these courses and Minister for Education Kirsty Williams says it is a step towards a Welsh right to lifelong learning. Following on from this Ms Williams believes that the Personal Learning Accounts will keep track and encourage the development of Pembrokeshire learners.

All of the courses are part time, and have been developed to fill the gaps in the employment sectors. The Government has also made many courses available online to keep up to date with new post pandemic virtual learning rights.

For more information, visit or contact Careers Wales on 0800 028 4844.