Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, lettings and renting properties has been an industry hard hit, particularly in Pembrokeshire.

FBM Lettings are just one struggling company, who have zero properties listed and have many disappointed potential customers.

Outside of London, supply of rental properties has rapidly decreased while demand has gone the other way, however the reverse has happened within the UK capital city.

An FBM Lettings spokesperson said: "We speak to people on a daily basis who are extremely frustrated in an attempt to secure a rental property in the area.

"We have noticed a pattern of people moving to Pembrokeshire from cities and outside Wales to live near the coast following the pandemic. This has caused not only rental prices to rise but also record sales figures being achieved, making it very attractive for landlords to sell up.

"This paired with the lack of availability, just means there are no properties left. To put things into perspective, we normally operate with approximately 30 available properties at any one time and we currently have none available."

FBM Lettings ask anybody with a second home, anybody who has inherited a property or with an empty property to contact them for further details on residential lettings on 01834 849 288.