This Easter weekend saw large crowds descend on the beaches of Pembrokeshire, and reports of heavy traffic congestion led police to patrol the roads around Freshwater West.

Due to relaxed Covid restrictions people living in Wales are now permitted to travel anywhere within the country, although leaving or entering the country remains unauthorised.

Officers on patrol at Freshwater West said: "The spot was busy, as expected, on such a lovely day, however there were no traffic issues that required our attention."

Police were also seen patrolling other coastal areas of the county including Tenby, which attracted many onlookers because of its new aquatic guest, the walrus. More information about this unexpected visitor can be found on our website.

Statements from Pembrokeshire County Council urged visitors to our county to enjoy the region, but stay safe during the Easter weekend. Council leader David Simpson said: "When we are out and about we need to consider how we move around, what we do and how we do things.

"The old normal is still a long way away, social distancing and restrictions remain in place – so please everyone, keep safe."