Planning applications for the Ascona House to be built in Llanion, Pembroke Dock have recently been submitted to Pembrokeshire County Council.

Ascona House will act as the headquarters for the UK-wide forecourt service providers, Ascona Group. Originally founded in Pembrokeshire by the CEO of the company Darren Briggs, the organisation has now expanded to around 50 sites across the nation.

The new headquarters has the potential to create a 60 person head office for support staff, and the first phase will manage around 1000 square metres, costing £1.5m to create this space.

Ascona Group said that the lockdown boosted sales at petrol forecourts, and drove a rapid evolution in the sector. Darren Briggs said: "2020 was a pivotal year for us and we see a huge future for us in both organic and acquisitive growth in the market".

Designers were able to create a proposed layout for the Ascona House, and the pictures show car parking spaces, and solar panels above the building.

The proposed start date for the headquarters is February 2022, with the hope of moving in September 2022.