Lower Prendergast Cemetery, which is no longer in use, has been improved through work overseen by Haverfordwest Town Council.

The town council manage the cemetery as 'an amenity for the local community and to encourage species biodiversity, supporting pollinators and to provide for our wellbeing.'

Across the last three years, Haverfordwest Town Council have improved the cemetery but installing and completing many features.

Installations at the cemetery include new steps, fencing, wildflower meadow border and a new garden near the entrance.

Repairs have been conducted on the boundary retaining walls and the paths which have been mown.

The town council have been working with other organisations when improving the cemetery, including the Prince's Trust and Keep Wales Tidy.

Volunteers from the Prince's Trust kindly painted the railings and entrance gates to the cemetery, while Keep Wales Tidy provided the cemetery with a bee garden.

Next on the town council's list of improvements is a wildflower lawn and the final stage of repairs to the boundary retaining wall.

Haverfordwest Town Council have said: "We are appreciative to all our partners for their support, including Pembrokeshire County Council for completing work on the pathway, and by clearing waste on route to the cemetery.

"Our thanks to the community of Prendergast for all your positive feedback."