Kathy Gray and Carol Stevens have been elected to represent Milford Haven as mayor and deputy mayor respectively for 2021/22.

The vote was held during the latest meeting of Milford Haven Town Council, held on the evening of Monday, April 26.

Kathy Gray takes on the role of mayor after a year of being deputy mayor to Terry Davies throughout 2019/20, and representing the East Ward of Milford Haven alongside councillors Colin Sharp and Guy Woodham.

Carol Stevens has been a member of the town council for many years, currently representing the West Ward of Milford Haven, alongside the 2019/20 mayor, councillor Terry Davies and councillor Rhys Sinnett.

Kathy Gray is thoroughly looking forward to her time as mayor of Milford Haven.

She said: "We can see a light at the end of the tunnel, with the vaccinations and the reopening of outdoor dining areas this week.

"You can always rely on the people of Milford to look after their own, and that is what we're all doing. I'm very proud of our town.

"We cannot wait for the hotel to open. The marina and the Port Authority have put so much hard work into it, and so much investment into Milford.

"The investment is important, because we don't want our young people moving away. We want them to stay in Milford, and the town really is heading in the right direction, and it is an honour to represent my town as mayor during this time."

Deputy mayor elect Carol Stevens said: "I'm very happy to take this role. I've been a member of the town council for so many years, I'm delighted to take this position and I'm very proud to represent my town, our young people and also my fellow councillors."