IT’S STOP FOOD WASTE DAY which is a time to think about our current food habits and how much food we truly waste.

For most people, this means shopping thoughtfully and thinking twice about throwing away food- but Jack Whitehall has taken another approach entirely.

He is encouraging the public to send him their most wasted fresh food item ideas and he will attempt to turn it into a cocktail.

He appeared on Good Morning Britain earlier today (28 April) to talk about the initiative.


In the clip he said: “We throw away tonnes of perfectly good food every year in Britain.

"So I have teamed up with Ketel One Vodka to come up with this fun initiative to save some of that food and turn it into a lovely cocktails.”

Susanna Reid voiced what many of us were thinking and said: “Food waste into cocktails? That sounds thoroughly unpleasant.”

“Well it may be unpleasant,” Jack replied. “But the aim is to try and make something really delicious.”

If you want to take part in the initiative and challenge Jack to make a cocktail out of your most wasted food item, you can head over to his Instagram page.


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On his Instagram he wrote: “For Stop Food Waste Day I am excited to announce a partnership with Ketel One Vodka to help reduce food waste in our homes.

“Every year in the UK we waste a staggering 10 million tonnes of good edible food and 70% of this comes from our homes (WRAP, 2020), this is the equivalent to nearly 800,000 decker buses.

“I am calling on the nation to head over to my Stories to vote for your most wasted fresh food ingredient at home and I will attempt to turn these into delicious cocktails using Ketel One Vodka, in a new cocktail series due to be released in May by @ketelone.

“Collaboration has always been a key part of tackling this problem and I am thrilled to be partnering with @ketelone a family made vodka who believe in doing things right.

“Together I’m hopeful that we can show you how to turn leftovers into great tasting cocktails, so get voting TODAY!”

Many people in the comments are excited about Jack’s initiative.

One person wrote: “A great cause with an amazing partner! Nice one. Can’t wait to see what cocktails you make.

Another said: “Such a great cause and issue of food waste. Just voted”

However, not everyone is sold by the idea

One person said: “I love you but this sounds like a joke!

“Nobody is wasting vodka, Jack,” wrote another.

Other people left some of their cocktail suggestions in his Instagram comments.

One person said “I usually have carrots and green beans left- and sometimes even milk. What would you recommend please.”

Another even suggested that Jack try to whip up a cocktail with a sandwich.