Further investigation is needed into the LNG terminal and pipeline according to the European Parliament's petitions committee.

The committee decided this last week after hearing the concerns of Welsh petitioners Gordon Main and Rodney Maile, of Milford Haven pressure group Safe Haven, and Liz Whomsely, Jim Dunckley and Heather Pickford.

Mr Maile was accompanied by his solicitor Richard Buxton. The group was also joined by Plaid MEP Jill Evans.

The committee asked the European Commission to look into the alleged breaching of seven European directives.

Ms Evans said: "I wholeheartedly supported the petitioners at the hearing in Brussels. They presented compelling evidence, and there was wide cross-party support for pursuing this matter with the European Commission."

"The commission will now carry out an investigation into possible breaches of EU directives."

"This is a massive project which has generated a huge amount of public anxiety.

"The hearing highlighted the serious lack of consultation with local residents, among other failings.

The European Commission will report back on its investigations early in the new year when the petitioners will be invited back to Brussels."

The pipeline's 150-mile route stretches from Milford Haven to Gloucestershire crossing south Wales.

The petitioners claim the pipeline is ill thought-out and dangerous, and their petition states that the scheme breaches several European directives. On this basis they were calling for the European Commission to intervene.

They claim the breaches relate to the lack of information given to the public, conserving the natural environment and fears about safety.

A second petition on the LNG terminal in Milford Haven had been submitted by Rodney Maile.