A BANNER created by Span Arts in Pembrokeshire is on display in Westminster, London, in a new exhibition entitled Women Making History.

The banner was created by textile artist Nia Lewis and The Women Survivors Support Project to celebrate 100 years since the first UK women were allowed to vote.

The banner portrays the lives, ideas and hopes of women in Wales today. As well as designing a striking banner, the participants were encouraged to consider what their vote means for them, and how the campaign of the suffragettes still impacts on the lives of women in the 21st Century.

The banner will now go on display in London Scottish House in Westminster until July 11. The artwork will join more than 100 extraordinary banners made by artists and women's groups across the UK.

"Span was absolutely thrilled to be involved in this memorable project," said director Kathryn Lambert.

"We are delighted that our banner, made by The Women Survivors Project in west Wales and artist Nia Lewis, will be featured in the exhibition and sit alongside a fabulous array of women's voices from right across the UK.

"It was such an important project to be involved in and provided a powerful experience to all the incredible women who took part."

Helen Marriage, director of Artichoke, which organised the procession and the exhibition, added:

"The banners in this exhibition were made and carried by participants in Processions. They include calls for an end to male violence against women, an end to domestic abuse, and for reproductive and economic rights.

"Looking back at that day in 2018, I believe Processions still has a unique resonance. For a few hours, women owned the streets. Our creative energy now more than ever needs to be expressed outside the walls of buildings.

"This exhibition aims to capture and encourage that spirit."

Tickets for the exhibition, which is free to attend, must be booked in advance via the Artichoke website www.artichoke.uk.com/project/women-making-history.

The banners are also available to view remotely on Google Arts & Culture, and a special exhibition guide is available to download on the Bloomberg Connects app, a free digital guide to cultural organisations around the world. To download the Bloomberg Connects app, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play.