Milford Waterfront has reminded dog walkers on the Marina of the importance of using 'poo bags' to clean up after their furry friends.

The Waterfront team does supply poo bags; but only in limited numbers and these are being depleted by people taking them home to stock up.

In a statement, Milford Waterfront said: "We very much welcome and enjoy seeing so many of you walking your dogs around Milford Waterfront.

"When visiting Milford Waterfront with your dogs, please ensure you have a plentiful supply of dog waste disposal bags to clean up any mess on site.

"If you do forget your own bags, there are a limited supply of dog waste bags in our dispensers on site - which are for emergency-use if you're caught short without a bag.

"We have had reports of people 'stocking up' for the week with these bags, and leaving none in the dispensers.

"We kindly ask that you don't take unnecessary amounts so we can ensure there are enough for everyone and can keep offering this free service to visitors."