Neyland Town Council have accepted an application for a grant of £2,750 to Neyland Youth Club, which 'will fund summer contact sessions for those attending plus a free summer trip.'

The grant was accepted on the night of Monday, June 7, and will see developments and improvements made to the youth club's flooring and furniture, as well as many other aspects of the community building's many areas.

With improvements forthcoming, the existing club will now be allowed to be transformed into a wellbeing room, which will have a fresh coat of paint, along with the new installed flooring and furniture.

Furthermore, members of the youth club also decided that improvements should be made to the building's kitchen oven, which will provide hot food throughout this summer and beyond.

The new kitchen oven will also ensure that baking sessions are able to take place, as part of the new activities to occur at the youth club this summer.

In addition to the transformation of the club itself, the £2,750 from the town council will also include a trip in summer for the club's members.

It has not been decided yet where their trip will take them.

Mayor of Neyland, councillor Simon Hancock said: "Money spent on young people, the future of our community is very wisely invested.

"We recognise the pandemic has been really difficult for young people and as we gradually come out of restrictions we want to provide extra facilities and activities.

"The club is run with real passion and commitment and the town council is anxious to assist this excellent resource in every way we can.

"The leadership of Andrea and Gareth and staff is great and the council wants to everything we can to improve the lives of youngsters in Neyland.

"Money well spent."