BROAD Haven CP School has opened their new ‘creative hub’.

The creative hub is a room in the school where pupils can develop the curriculum and their skills through creativity. It includes a stage, green screen, recording studio, art area, music area and imagination space.

For the launch, the pupils worked with the National Theatre for Wales to create a fantastic presentation, telling the story of “Peregrine and the Mermaid”, linking in to literacy work that they have been doing in class. They used recycling techniques to make puppets and scenery, and designed a musical soundtrack to accompany the story telling.

Asked about what they enjoyed the most about the project, a pupil said: "I enjoyed designing what would be in our room and painting the walls. It was fun."

Because of COVID restrictions the launch was very small, with only a few guests, including the chair of governors. She said: “The lead creative schools programme is an ambitious project that really links into what the new curriculum is about, and is an opportunity for the children to learn new skills and share their existing skills with their peers in a safe place.

"I can’t wait to see what they produce next."

Broad Haven became part of the Lead Creative Schools programme following an application to the Arts Council of Wales. The project is designed to increase and improve arts experiences and opportunities in school, where teachers, pupils and artists, work collaboratively on challenges that the school has identified in their development plan.

Donna Mattson, the Schools Senior Teacher who co-ordinated the project, said: "The programme has allowed our school to think about how we are able to develop the creativity of teachers and learners whilst planning for our new curriculum.

"It has been an exciting journey and the school has gained a lot from the scheme so far."

Gareth Lewis, Headmaster said: "We are thrilled with our creative hub, and grateful to Mark Folds and Class 4 for their hard work and vision.

"The Hub that they have created is a real asset to the school, and we look forward to every class, and every pupil, making the most of this provision, so that they can develop their 'creative habits of mind'."