A MYSTERIOUS oil spill is blighting a stream that runs through a popular park in Pembrokeshire.

On Friday, July 16, environment officers at Natural Resources Wales were investigating a report of pollution in a stream that runs along Jubilee Park in East Williamston.

It is believed there is fuel leaking into the stream however the source of the leak is yet to be identified.

Officers were out yesterday (Monday, 19) delivering letters to residents asking them to check their oil tanks.

Reports say the pollution appears to have stopped and officers plan to attend the site today (Tuesday 20) to clear up as much of the residual oil as they can.

A spokesperson for Natural Resources Wales said: "We’re urging any residents with oil tanks to check for any signs of leaks, even when people are not using their heating, and to report them to their insurance company and us to assist our investigation."

Pembrokeshire County Council has installed warning signs at the location asking people to avoid contact with any oil, tar or waxy substances and to stop dogs entering or drinking the water.

For further information contact 0300 065 3000 or go to http://orlo.uk/rJPWu