PEMBROKESHIRE County Council have responded to calls for a car park in Haverfordwest not to be closed.

The Western Telegraph revealed at the end of August the county council had revoked public parking rights at the car park which used to serve the Old County Library complex on Dew Street.

After the library closed the car park continued to be used by residents in and around the site.

PCC's decision has raised the ire of resident's with a group called 'Dew Street Campaign' recently leafleting in protest, while county councillor for the ward the car park is situated Tom Tudor saying the move will create 'turmoil'.

Now Pembrokeshire County Council have released a statement saying they will reconsider the decision at the next Cabinet meeting.

The statement read: "The Dew Street site was declared surplus to the council’s requirements following the demolition of the former swimming pool and the relocation of the library and Community Learning Centre.

"The proposed revoking of the car park on the site is currently being reviewed and will be considered by Cabinet."

Councillor Tom Tudor has written a formal objection to the closure saying it would create 'emotional turmoil' for people who currently use it.

"There is currently insufficient parking for these residents as it stands," wrote Cllr Tudor.

"The impact on to the resident’s daily lives without these parking facilities will be disastrous."

A local group called the ‘Dew Street Campaign’ have been leafleting the upper town as well as picketing the car park drumming up support for opposition to the proposed plans.

Member of the group and user of the car park Mike Daffern said it was ‘ridiculous’ that the council was closing the car park used by many, for a select few.

“Most users whom we have talked to are concerned and dismayed,” said Mr Daffern.

The deadline for submission of objections is September 15.

Objections should be made in writing and sent to Darren Thomas, Head of infrastructure, County Hall, Haverfordwest and dated 25 August.

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