A COMMUNITY based charity here in Pembrokeshire had a busy but good week.

ASD Family Help, a charity that seeks to support families of individuals with autism, received a vital funding boost that allowed it to expand and the charity also met with Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire MS, Samuel Kurtz,

The meeting took place following a significant funding boost from the National Lottery Fund, which enabled them to open a new branch in the county.

Speaking following the visit, Samuel said: “ASD Family Help offer families across Pembrokeshire an incredibly important support network across the community.”

“Parents with autistic children will know how important community networks are in providing a sense of friendship and support, that’s why organisations like ASD Family Help are so important.”

Samuel finished by saying: “This is a really fantastic organisation and I would urge parents to get involved and signup. The entire ASD Family Help team are deeply committed to enhancing people’s lives through knowledge and understanding and this is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.”

The newly appointed project lead, Melissa Hutchings was also at the meeting.

Following her conversations with Samuel, she said: “The aim of the charity is to engage people with their communities and create peer support for their futures.”

“We want to support our families to acknowledge their child’s needs, to help with their understanding so that they can connect with their child and learn how to amend and adjust their approach for better outcomes for all.”

She finished: “The Pembrokeshire branch will be running a monthly drop-in coffee group - a place for families to come together and support each other, make new friendships and know they are not alone.

“If you would like to attend one of our groups, then please don’t hesitate to contact the organisation via email or Facebook.”