IT is not yet known when schools in Pembrokeshire will benefit from classroom carbon dioxide monitors and ozone cleaning machines, Pembrokeshire County Council has confirmed.

Last month the Welsh Government announced that it would fund more than 1,800 ozone disinfecting machines and over 30,000 CO2 sensors for educational throughout Wales.

£3.31m will be provided for new ozone disinfecting machines, to reduce cleaning times, improve disinfection and reduce costs. The funding is expected to supply more than 1,800 machines, at least one for every school, college and university in Wales.

The machines can be used to quickly disinfect classrooms when clusters of Covid-19 or other communicable viruses are identified, such as norovirus.

£2.58 m will also be provided for over 30,000 CO2 'traffic light' monitors, for teaching and learning spaces such as classrooms, seminar rooms or lecture halls.

CO2 monitors include sensors which provide a visual signal of deteriorating internal air quality. The monitors will alert teachers and lecturers when CO2 levels rise, notifying them when air quality needs to improve, thereby aiding the control of ventilation during the winter. This will help maintain comfortable temperatures for learners and staff during colder periods, reduce heat loss and save on energy costs.

At present it is not known when the roll out of the machines will take place in Pembrokeshire.

A spokesperson for Pembrokeshire County Council said: "Welsh government will provide further detail to local authorities on the roll out programme.

"There will be a nationally agreed framework for procurement and roll out. We continue to work with Welsh Government on this."