Cwmtydu Bay Wildlife has confirmed that a second seal pup has been found dead in Ceredigion.

It follows news of another pup being found dead near Llangrannog, after its mother was "frightened away by visitors."

The Welsh Partnership of Marine Protected Areas, of which Pembrokeshire Marine SAC, is a member says it has received reports of a seal pup dying as a result of human interference.

Recently it was announced The Blue Lagoon will close to the public for the safety of seals.

All this has led to renewed calls from campaigners for people to keep their distance when visiting the area's beaches.

Pauline Bett from Cwmtydu Bay Wildlife revealed that a second pup was found dead at Castell Bach near New Quay last week.

It was reported to be five or six days olds and weighed about 13kg (2st 1lb), when seals are usually born weighing 14kg (2st 3lb).

There were no obvious signs of injury, suggesting that it may have been abandoned by its mother and maybe swept out to sea.

"The mum had clearly abandoned it so it was probably a disturbance," she said,

She added that abandoned pup had also been rescued days before on 13 September.

Locals had been speaking to visitors and handing out information about the marine code of conduct in an attempt to protect the pup.

It followed reports of visitors taking photos with the pup and posting them onto Facebook.

Jonathan Evans, who runs Dolphin Spotting Boat Trips in New Quay, said paddle boarding and kayaking were also disturbing seals.

And the volunteer group Gower Seal Group have also reported that drones were becoming a problem for seals spotted on the coast.

Pembrokeshire Marine Special Area of Conservation officer Sue Burton said this year had been particularly challenging.

"We've had a big influx of visitors and not everyone is aware of the needs of the local wildlife," she commented.

"Some of these seal pups can actually be disturbed quite easily, the key thing is keep your distance, if you've got a dog keep it on a lead."

Female grey seals spend several weeks feeding their pups, and after a month they leave their pups and head back out to sea.

The pups can spend up to two weeks alone on the beach while they build up the courage and the right fur to learn to fish for themselves.

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