A new study has found that Welsh drinkers are most likely to regularly consume low and no alcohol drinks in the UK, with a 60 per cent year on year increase.

The study, conducted by the Portman Group, looked at the growing popularity of low and no alcohol drinks in Wales, in comparison to the other three countries of the UK.

The UK has a national average of 32 per cent of people likely to regularly drink low and no alcohol drinks, while Welsh drinkers have an average of 36 per cent.

A quarter of those in Wales who have tried low and no alcohol drinks say that they are more likely to drink them now than a year ago.

Meanwhile, the most popular reason given (42 per cent of people) for drinking low and no alcohol drinks is to be able to drive home from social events.

Total consumption of no and low products is forecast to grow by 31 per cent by 2024 across the 10 key countries that represent more than three quarters of global low and no alcohol consumption.

The ten countries are: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Spain, the UK and the USA.