The Milford Haven branch of the Royal Marine Cadets has started its recruitment for 2022, and is looking for anybody aged 13 and upwards to join.

For younger cadets (aged 13 to 17), activities to take part in with Milford Haven Cadets include map reading, adventure training and fieldcraft, helping the teenagers develop problem solving skills, teamworking and a sense of adventure.

Milford Haven Cadets said: “Work through the rank structure and gain qualifications and experience to prepare you for adult life.”

For the volunteers aged 18 and over, the team gets involved with the Corps values to help the younger cadets thrive on their experiences.

Milford Haven Cadets added: “Learn and develop new skills, boost your confidence, take part in new experiences with our fantastic and friendly team.”

To show interest in volunteering at Milford Haven Cadets, email