An implementation plan for 2022-24 has been published under the 10-year Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework.

The framework is a plan for 2014-24 to improve the health and welfare of kept animals in Wales, as well as protecting public health, the economy and environment.

The 2022-24 Implementation Plan is published amid challenges including the Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit, the climate crisis and a rise in avian influenza throughout the UK.

The plan headlines One Health, One Welfare and Biosecurity, which is said to embrace animal health as well as human wellbeing and the environment.

The concept acknowledges human health and animal health as interdependent, relying on the health and welfare of the environment in which they co-exist.

Rural Affairs Minister Lesley Griffiths MS said after the publication of the plan: “The landscape has changed dramatically since leaving the EU and the coronavirus pandemic has certainly tested our resilience.

“Reviving and relaunching our Implementation Plan now provides an opportunity to put animal health and welfare at the forefront in addressing the issues and challenges we face in a sustainable, collaborative and coherent way.

“We want every animal in Wales to have a good quality life and this is reflected in our programme for Government, giving us an opportunity to build on all we have achieved since animal health and welfare powers were devolved to Wales.

“This Implementation Plan complements the five-year Animal Welfare Plan for Wales which was published in November. The strategies and actions contained in each are integrated and interdependent, demonstrating our determination to work in a co-ordinated way.

“Our proposed Sustainable Farming Scheme will also have animal health and welfare as a key component, drawing on our collective ambition to further enhance Wales’ reputation as a nation which loves, cares for and respects its animals.

“The scope of this Implementation Plan is wide ranging and through real collaborative working, I am confident we can continue to raise animal health and welfare standards.”

The Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework Implementation Plan for 2022-24 can found at