A social media trend has found its way to Pembrokeshire – namely, ‘Beans in Unusual Places.’

The idea is simple – you take a photograph of some baked beans (and here comes the unexpected twist), they are in a place you would not expect to find a bunch of baked beans.

This is not just a UK-based, but a phenomenon which started in the United States, with baked beans being found on park benches and swing sets across the 50 states.

Like many trends, it finds its way over the Atlantic Ocean, and has found its way more specifically to Pembrokeshire.

A clump of baked beans was recently found on the gates of a school in the county.

Paula Holt went to Gelliswick School in Milford Haven, on the morning of Monday, April 4, to find baked beans had been placed on the school gates – making the gates impossible to open without getting her hands wet.

The baked beans being left on the school gates is the first incident known of the trend occurring in Pembrokeshire.

The school has been contacted, asking how proud they are to have brought this phenomenon to the county. However, we have unfortunately not received a reply.